Friday, April 17, 2009

Check This Girl Out

Recently I clicked on The Songlines (Bruce Chatwin) on my profile, just to see who in this blogosphere would come up. (It can get interesting ... imagine the Blogophiles who'd show if you entered Home and Away, Harry Potter, or something really, completely ordinary). Gould's Book of Fish by Richard Flannigan throws up some nice surprises.

Recently I clicked on The Songlines, that tale of nomads in general and in particular the nomadic people who moved inside and around our centre - did you know that when Chatwin wrote The Songlines, he was cruising central Australia with Salman Rushdie? -


I clicked on this. She's a gorgeous new find. Esp. look at the Six ways to kill a Rooster series. Enjoy this girl.
The picture below? Well, it appeared on her blog and struck a (spinal) chord. Don't we all have a Frieda day?

The Flayed Angel from Gautier D'Agoty and Joseph Guichard Duverny, Myologie Complete (Comprehensive Study of the Muscles), Paris, 1746.


  1. No, I had not realised that. Great book though and Bruce certainly an interesting character to say the least. His wife must have been a special person me thinks.
    Did you know that Robyn Davidson and Salman Rushdie had a 3 year affair following their meeting during the Chatwin visit?

  2. This girls blog is indeed a bit of a find!

  3. Ditto. And to my chagrin I have not read Songlines.

  4. Thankyou for the special mention here. I am delighted that you enjoy my blog.

    Your blog is like entering an older world where ghosts and whalers and sailors and thieves all still circle the most beautiful land and sea scapes.

    I will spend more time here, I know.

    I am also glad to learn that ramsnake and michelleblog also enjoyed my blog. Will be visiting their online islands soon.

    Thanks again are a 'find' for me, too.

  5. Ahh Seashell, you would love this book. It is a new/old way for mind mapping country, a concept so huge the mind boggles! Cheers Bronwyn and Ramsnake ...