Sunday, November 15, 2009

Job Done

On friday I sent away a 23,000 word thesis - I willingly bared my throat to the examiners. Now I wait ... and wait ... it is two weeks until I find out whether they deem me worthy/unworthy of further work.

It's all about history and fiction, how historico-fiction can tell the unspoken tales of those silent voices of the past. So of course, two days after I hand in the thesis, I read in today's paper; "The historian remains irrevocably tied to concrete evidence, which is patchy at best and never allows access to the human psyche." Cassandra Pybus.

This Cassandra (whom I kinda admire) goes on to outline how of the most intriguing of stories in history are best served by historico-fiction, and why.
Well. No silly bugger at Troy paid any attention to Cassandra. Maybe this Cassandra could have prophetised she was writing an article that I could have quoted. Hey, I would have listened to the girl. Anyway. Methinks that is just the way of theses and the way Muphry works when we are feeling so bloody self important. I can safely wager that I will find a dozen 'perfect quotes' within the next fourteen nights.

I'm positive Leonard Cohen and the Pogues can see me through this.


  1. Good job girl and I am sure they will love it.

  2. Yes, Well done. I think they'll love it too.

    So much that is worth writing about in this country...past, present and future,

    They'd be kinda crazy not to support you, methinks.

    May the gods support you in your waiting.

  3. Congratulations Sarah Toa....I look forward to reading it (as a spectator, not a proof reader!! ;)

  4. Thankyou! Yes, Sontag. It is rich pickings indeed! I have taken your suggestion of turning Old Salt stories into a little book too! Thanks for your comments.

  5. Ah...great to hear about the Old Salt stories...they really are like gold and I think will have broad appeal. Good luck with it!

  6. Good onya Sarah and about bloody time too!!!
    Now you can knuckle down and write some stuff for us vampires to read...

  7. Yes, sorry bout that, I will get down to blogging more now spencer