Sunday, March 14, 2010

When the Wind Changed


  1. My God, I saw the smoke from Denmark and of course couldn't tell how far away it was. I think the vegie growers near the hall in Little Grove were affected by this. Scarey stuff....everything has been so dry but wasn't the rain fantastic? We had so many frogs singing - a real amphibean chorus.

  2. Hey where did the fire happen?

  3. Across the harbour from where we live, in Albany. I don't think anyone's houses were burnt but it looked scary for a little while, when the wind changed.
    Then, at about 9 pm, it rained and dumped down a heap of water - and the fire went out!

  4. There is nothing nice about a wild fire it is destructive to the creatures large & small, that inhabitate the land.

    Thank goodness that the rains fell and extinguished it.

    Your blog is very interesting and I do visit from time to time

  5. Thanks, A Heron's View.
    You know, that patch of land is probably safe now for ten years, and as soon as the rains come it will be full of green shoots for the animals to eat.

    It is a constant argument in this country, to burn or not burn the bush. It's been a form of farming here for millennia and the bane of our wadjela existance.
    I won't buy into it right now.

    But, there's a few less kangaroo ticks there tonight.