Friday, April 30, 2010

Not a Problem!

In a cafe today:

Me: "Can I have a mug of flat white?"
Waitress, a local beauty: "Sure!"
Me: "And can I have one of those meal-in-one muesli cookies?"
Waitress: "No wuckers!"

How I love the Aussie language. Let's break that 'No wuckers' down ...

I think it began somewhere back when people would say, "Not a problem, sir/ madam/ miss."
It morphed into, "No worries,"
Then, "No worries, mate."
Then, "No fucking worries, mate."
Then, (for the more delicate of ears) "No wucking forries, mate."
And finally, "No wuckers."

Ain't that great?


  1. Wonderful. I love how language evolves. Because I work with young people I am constantly challenged in this area, some of the developments are atrocious, but some are so creative and interesting.

    One I don't like (given my femininst leanings) is the use of the word 'mother' as a derogatory term - not because I necessarily think that motherhood is sacred, but because it started out as 'mother-fucker' which of course puts the onus squarely on men. But having it evolve into 'mother' just absolves men of responsibility (once again)

  2. I love spoonerisms, bank west is quite a good one.

  3. Hahaha....good one Spencer. Robin loves spoonerisms. Have you heard the recital of Cinderella done in spoonerisms? Bloody funny.....something about the 'sugly isters', Betty Swallocks and Mary Hinge, who were really forrible uckers with fetty sweet and fetty swannies' :0

  4. how about 'the dear old queen'?

  5. Ha, ha, language can be so... "colourful", Sarah!

  6. Hi there, I just clicked on your link at "A mainland streel." I really like what I just read and think I'll tag along, if you don't mind.
    "No wuckers!"