Thursday, April 7, 2011

Irwin Shoreline, by Catherine Gordon


  1. Okay, so by now, regular readers may be cottoning on to the fact that Catherine's Irwin paintings have turned into a series, in real life and on A WineDark Sea.

    She sends me a photo of as she finishes them, so who knows how many more? Plenty, I hope.

    'Irwin Shoreline' is of the reedy shores facing west, before the inlet mouth. The forest had just been burnt out.

    The Irwins series will be exhibited in July 1st, Gallery East, Fremantle.

    So we get first glimpse. Lucky sods aren't we?!

  2. I reckon they will sell like hot-cakes.

  3. One of my firends, who does not possess the artist gene, came to visit me at the studio where Cathy was painting. She breathed out and said, "You are just THERE."

  4. Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor today. Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Nice to see you here Tess and BT also.
    Keep in mind Cathy's exhibition dates.
    I would love to buy one of her paintings. For me (right now) it is the choice between a rainwater tank, 5 KVA generator and a Gordon painting. I know which one will give me the best financial returns ...
    but can art feed and power me?

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  7. What was the name you gave Catherine when she turned up in some of you earlier posts Sarah? Catherine the Great? Something like that.
    I was sans glasses when I saw this painting and thought it was an out of focus photog, silly billy Spencer. She really did take me there.
    Art will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no art. (Misquote of Fat Freddie's mate Phineas)

  8. Catherine the Great Artist - comes from Mark Roy in one of his posts.
    A great quote Spencer, and so true.
    Still need a generator though.