Tuesday, February 7, 2012



  1. Lovely. I've caught some nice fish round oyster farms here.
    Is marine farming as politically charged there as it is here?

  2. Not the shellfish farms, Merc, as they are filter feeders and don't require tons and tons of edible fish to feed them. The clean waterways can be an issue with dredging etc.
    And fish farming hasn't really taken off down south, at least not at sea, like it has in Tassie and NZ.

  3. It's a hot issue here, aqua farming for various reasons vested and invested. I like it, but it is very hard to get licences here. You'd think the Kaipara here would be a sitter for expansion.
    Clean waterways, now there's a hot potato here.

  4. Is this how they do it at Cap Feret?