Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anthrop 101: Westralian Culture

Pete F has taken some beautiful photos of the west coast but I reckon this one surpasses anything I've seen because it addresses themes of culture, structure and agency.


  1. 53000 nz'ers left for Oz in the last 12 months. From the mucky country to the lucky country.

  2. 1000 peole a week move to Western Australia - fuck! They are all coming here - making this state so expensive to live in if you don't work for the mines. I hate the fucking mines and I cheer every time there is a turn down in commodity prices. Our only hope is the inevitable collapse in Europe. Please do it quickly and save us! God knows what all the NZers and Eastern states immigrants will do then, we'll be stuck with a huge unemployment issue again.

  3. Which NZ prime minister or pollie said, when asked about the exodus from NZ to OZ,"It's a good thing because the IQ will be raised in both countries" ?