Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Days on the Inlet

All Saints Day heralds the closure of Pallinup to the three commercial fishers there this year.
"Shame really, just when the fish are coming down the river," said Grievous' Bro.
"But it would be more a shame if the fish weren't coming down, wouldn't it?" I asked him.
We are starting to feel a bit sad about leaving the inlet after six months. Soon we will pack up the camps into a south coast 'travelling circus' convoy: boats, nets, caravans, buoys, ice boxes and pot belly stoves, red plastic fish bins pierced with black bream spikes packed into muddy utes with salt stained windows ... and head back into town to a more civilised life.


  1. Sad - it seems to be a time for endings......in a general sort of way. I am sure you could always still go out for a recreational fish with Old Salt.

  2. It's these end of season posts that get me the most. They put things in perspective, even if that perspective is a thing in motion itself. I remember listening to a song on the radio once, I think it was U2, 'Who's gonna ride your wild horses' or 'Until the end of the world' and the dj guy came on after and said something like, 'I don't know what it is about that tune but it makes me think that all of life is about saying goodbye'. I remembered it years later when my little boy threw his soft toy at me, sleepydog, saying, 'I don't need him anymore.' I understand the reasoning and love to wallow a while in the melancholy...