Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Much Fun

Google search terms that end up here can be both hilarious and a bit disturbing. Some people search for my full name looking for a Scottish quilter, police woman, sprinter, violinist ... and they find me, poor buggas. Others are on a more quixotic venture. Here are some search terms that arrived at A WineDark Sea this week. Below each search term is a link to the posts they got to.

1. Ivor cutler herring
Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are so very cool.

2. Kundip and surrounding land for sale
Go away. I don't like you, already. 

3. Bodies of Subversion: a secret history of women and tattoo
Go to the New York Times. God. All I did was steal two pictures (two! and the copyright was over like a hundred years ago).

4.Matthew Flinders map
Well. You're lost, mate. Thousands have come to A WineDark Sea looking for Flinders' map. It's a sorry fact that I was infatuated with Indiana Jones when I wrote about Flinders getting stuck in Mauritius, but here you are. Two hundred years after Flinders first posted his happy snaps, people are still hunting for that map. What the hell. Admit it. You are lost. Not my fault.

5. pinoy pigeon
Finding-a-pinoy-racing-pigeon's-leg-ring-at-the-top-of-a-mountain is a great story if I may say so myself. This is a true ripping yarn.

6. aboriginal naked
7. aboriginal naked woman
Errk. I still can't work out how you got here. Really.

8. blood sports when wearing something tight
Oh of course! Leonard Cohen. Who else would mention extreme blood sports and tight clothing in the same song?

9. Chris Langslow
Those dastardly ukelele wielding asylum seekers have some explaining to do. Again, not my fault. Absolutely nothing to do with me.


  1. I met Ivor Cutler once. - Also unbearable.

  2. The mind boggles. The most hits I've ever had on one post was the one about Pacific Floating Garbage. Go figure?

  3. It's a strange, random kind of thing yes? Though not so random, when you start looking into search engine politics. The Matthew Flinders map one is amazing though. I get several a day.
    There are some crackers ... 'fisherwoman plastic pants' Ew. I don't want them to come here. No.

  4. I took the hint ... and it is not the most beautiful photo of Matilda. Will post some better ones soon, promise.

  5. It wasn't a 'hint'- just pulling your chain. I'm completely OK with you being a doting Grandmother.