Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hey! Hello. Here's something to shake me out of my blog paralysis ... yes sorry about that. It's about electricity or lack of it, and every time I get online there are so many things to do, blah blah ... Anyway, I have an insider at the post office. In the language of the day, us 'Poles are agile and innovative. Which means that all the Artists, Classical Musicians, Doctors and Lepidopterists who live here are also very good at:
teaching kids with special needs,
spotting for fires at the top of the mountain,
making coffee for people,
operating a 1970s cash register,
sorting mail,
lawn mower mechanics,
lifting heavy things,
Pretty much anything to make a buck really. Which brings me to a phone call while I was in the city to say that a certain book-sized parcel fro a certain publishing house had arrived for me.
I drove back from the city, to screech into the post office just before they shut.
Then I didn't want to open it. The post lady and I chatted about organic gardening and bluetooth speakers for a while.
I waited until settled on my veranda by the inlet before I opened the parcel.
By myself (hence the title).


  1. Congratulations, Sarah. This time I will buy a copy online, but after I have finished Salt Story! (I'm a slow reader...) I wish we had more Poles in genteel Bath, for all the reasons you mention. They make great restaurant waiters too - helpful, polite and appreciative of the work - unlike the fill-in British students...

  2. Nice to see you Sarah. I like to see who is writing and who I am reading. I like Poles too.
    One day I will read your book too.

  3. I thought I had missed this Sarah as you were so quiet, but I understand why. Very cool selfie to have too.

  4. That must be a wonderful sensation; I envy you.