Sunday, May 1, 2016


Nic and Jo returned to the inlet to take some more pictures. It is strange to be photographed, be the centre of focus and not feel uncomfortable ... but then Nic was the one who had to take off her shoes and pants to wade out with me and Selkie (who charged about in the water threatening cameras and bodies) - and to have gings aimed at her, to climb in and out of small boats. None of us were precious anyway and all of us were artists, of one sort or another, so it was fun. And cold.
I was blown away by the pictures she took.

"Is that thing loaded?"

This is Jo, calling Selkie's bluff.

The next morning was given to the fog and the light of a white rainbow.


  1. It looks like a fashion shoot. I like it a lot.

  2. It was for Nic's portrait portfolio. Maybe the fur turned it into a fashion shoot! Anyhoo, I'm able to use them for (slightly unconventional) author photos.

  3. Thoughts:

    • This totally looks like a fashion shoot.
    • Hasn't Selkie gotten big?
    • The top photo reminds me of promo shots for The Hunger Games. Sarah "Katniss" Toa?

    1. Hi Alex! Yes, she has grown into a fine young dog. Still a bit dingbatty but beautiful.

  4. Wow, beautiful! What stunning photos, I love it.

  5. you STAR. is that thing loaded? NAH. runs away chortling.