Monday, June 13, 2016

Piglets! Chickens! Chicken dogs!

Yesterday I caught up with my son, who asked if I'd like to go to work with him, see what he's up to during the week. He's farm handing and he introduced me to the big mothers, their litters of squealing black and white piglets and the big old patriarch, "everyone's favourite" Tiger.

In the last picture, Obi the Meremma pup is in training to guard his flock of Isa Browns. He's so cute and fluffy! He even had a green ribbon tied around his neck. Not a cloth of pagan Celtic ritual, I'm afraid. It contains the carcass of the last chick he killed. So, um ... still in training, yes.

It's a multi-layered farm where the major produce is strawberries. We drove past aisles of avocado and lemon trees and fed the pigs on cracked eggs on our return from the free range chook caravan at the top of the hill. In the summer, the pigs eat strawberries. It was beautiful to see Stormboy on his rounds. I wish I could show you the vids of the piglets. Hilarious.


  1. Looks like a great job and Stormboy is so grown up. It's wonderful to see the kids making their own way in the world. And such a relief!

  2. Yes, he is tonkaing along beautifully.