Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sea Change

Let the water come up.
Let the water come up and I will swim around inside my house and out through the open window into a drowned forest, like a seal navigating waving halls of kelp, my eyes oiled against the sea, a single balloon of air escaping my nostrils, searching the briny-filled tree homes of black cockatoos and bees,

for oxygen.


  1. Reading those words I took a deep breath

  2. You wouldn't get home insurance if you recited that poem to any broker over here.

  3. Have a good Xmas Sarah. Andrea rated your book her pick of the year in our Xmas letter to friends. I'll email you a copy. Oops don't have your email. Hmmm. I'll post the letter on my blog.

    1. Good stuff Mr Hat. A happy Christmas to you and Andrea x