Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Days of Fungi

 There has been some crazy fungi popping up around the inlet. We've been hunting through karri and marri, stepping around the loo paper piles of human civilisation and wilding it down to the level of honky nut, or  a ball of roo poo with whole ecosystems of bugs and mushroom aboard. The forest is constantly cycling through decomposition and regeneration.


  1. The largest living organism in the world is a fungi which is 2.5 miles across. It is so large that it is only recently been understood to be one creature. They cannot decide if fungi are animals or plants, but they are more animal than plant.

    1. P.S. Before this VLM (Very Large Mushroom in telescope-speak) the largest living creature in the world was the Blue Whale...

  2. Not as famous as The Dingle Funghi in Co. Kerry - I bet ?