Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mum and the motherless nest

Mum found a bird's nest while walking in the forest recently.

She got her magnifying glass, held it under my eyes, and said, 'Look a bit closer.'

Mum spent her working life in midwifery and palliative care, so she is across the minutiae of birth, death and rebirth. This one stumped her.
'What happened?' she asked me, as we stared at the tiny skeletal chicks no bigger than my thumbnail.


  1. The mother may have been killed and the babies starved to death. I always stress bigtime if I hit a bird becasue I wonder if they have babies that need feeding.

  2. I think that is what happened. It must have been a silver eye or a similar bird. Interesting though, that their wings were formed.

  3. Cats .. there are 14 within a few houses of where I live .. then the crows move in. But your chicks remain so I agree it's prob more on the human side of things that the carers are missing. Poor little things