Friday, March 23, 2018

Caldyanup Diaries #5

Struggling with a sense of relevance today. Which is normal if your job is to look for things and you can't see anything.

 Finally anything past the granite is white and I'm calling in fives all round for visibility. I realise when I go outside that the north facing wall is crawling with bees. They have no pollen on their legs and they are just sort of mopey. Like they have lost their queen or hive and home.

The cloud clears for half an hour and I can call in two smokes from the burn nearest the tower. And then this ... it's not a fire, it's almost it's opposite. A wall of rainbow.


  1. You could mistake it for a fire, the uninitiated. I like the photos.

  2. I relate to the 'struggling with a sense of relevenace' - on so many levels. It is beautiful there though.