Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drama Drama

I thought the washing sounded clunky. I thought, maybe I left something in the pocket of my jeans. Now ... where's the mobile phone?
"If we knew why we did stupid things when the consequences are so catastrophic, then we would know the answers to the Universe," Our Sunshine sagely said to me, in the kitchen, where I am scrabbling through the bits and pieces drawer, looking for a phone that may be okay a year after emptying a bottle of red into my handbag.
I go to the island tomorrow. Agghh!


  1. Crikeys!!! I was thinking about you and the necessity in having a mobile out there just recently.

  2. Knowing what we know about the deficiencies of the mobile phone network in regional areas ... would it be of any use anyway?

  3. #waterboy's mum voice on# Mobile phones are the devil #waterboy's mum voice off#

    Grrr I hate mobiles like Mark roy hates camera's, if they're not broken they're missing.

  4. Well, if it's any consolation, my motorola was stolen last friday night when i was mugged at Wat Phnom...and i have the savage bruises to prove it...as the musician said to the stripper, these things were never made to last

  5. Death of the motorola week ...
    there is range out there BT, cos i'm out there a lot. Organised with the sea rescue guys (who are a hoot) to log on and off...
    Juice, I hate dem too and it means i have to lug a jumpstarter with me just to keep it charged - just to keep everyone happy!