Sunday, March 1, 2009

Light House Keeping Duties

and after all that whingeing about rednecks, the economy, getting older and going fishing, an opportunity has arisen for me to go stay on an island for a week. Old Salt is seriously unimpressed at the sudden loss of a deckie (but secretly he is envious, I just know it).
I've got The Key to the lighthouse. I've got Our Sunshine, who pings me with this plan on a leisurely Saturday morning coffee - "Why don't I look after the kids and you go and live on an island for a week?"
"That's a terrible idea. You know I'd feel really uncomfortable about that. Mmmm, damn, YES, okay."


  1. And it is true that you like light houses!

    Sounds awesome!

  2. Mmmmm....I wonder what Freud would make of that! Lighthouses I mean.
    When are you going?