Friday, May 22, 2009

It's National Egg Month, Guys!

The entire month of May has been declared 'National Egg Month'! This is the time of the year to celebrate the many benefits of the egg. Which is great ... for those people in Washington about to experience the Spring and the exponential productivity of their chickens ... It's hailing as I write and my girls are huddled in their mia mia, quite sodden and unhappy.

Egg Nutrition Center (


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just not quite sure what I am going to do to celebrate though!

  2. Oh so boring! There must be something else?

  3. Egg on Face. It can be arranged.

  4. No, that's next month Spencer.

  5. Boy, this post has sure caused a stir in the coop :)

    On occasion I've been described as a 'good egg' I might lie low till June. Not long to go.

    Oh and if you see any more proverbial cats near proverbial (or real) blue wrens...please rescue the wrens:)

  6. finally time to catch up with yr last 6 posts, lovely sarah toa! i so dig the bicylce sagas. almost wishing the ute would break down for a couple days... but then there'd be no daisy rides.
    re: eggs - ravensthorpe's palace hotel breakfast cook (from china maybe - i damn forgot to ask him what the hell he did to end up in ravi...) does the BEST omelets: finished on the outside, still gooey on the inside. creamy deliciousness. worth the trip!