Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picasso's Women

There is a line stuck in my brain over the years; from work-in-progress readings of Maree Dawes' book.

The horns in his head

locked into the holes
in mine.

It's all about the Minotaur, Picasso and his women ...
I'm not sure if that's an exactly correct quote,but it works for me.

The Women;

Olga in an Armchair, 1918

Marie-Therese Walter, 1937

Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937.

Portrait of Francoise
, 1946.

He's a nasty piece of work on the domestic front, and yet he immortalises his lovers into manifestations that you can actually smell in galleries when you venture close enough, decades after their death. By the hardy, cliff-hanger existence of loving him and suffering him, these women live forever.
Our very own Albany girl, Maree Dawes, wrote Picasso's Women. This weekend she features on Poetica (Radio National).
"The poems are lusty and riley and describe the treacherous position of Picasso’s women," says Donna Ward.
Lie on the lounge room floor and turn up the radio. Let it fall all over you. This is juicy poetry; dynamic, arythmic and gorgeous. This Saturday 3 pm.


  1. Love portrait of Francoise - damn that guy could draw!

  2. Yes, we were at the launch of Maree's book. Juicy stuff alright. He was such a bloody Scorpio.

  3. Funny synchronicity here. My mother (a born artist) is travelling to Europe soon and we had a three way conversation (with sister in UK) about Picasso yesterday.

    My sister thought my mother might like Picasso's gallery. I knew she wouldn't. Mum said she didn't like him. And, my sister was shocked. She thinks he's a 'bastard', I said. And, my mother lit up like a proverbial Christmas tree. And, nodded her head with joy.

    Long comment, I know.

    Short comment: Thanks for the tip off. Look forward to getting hold of a copy. Sounds great.

  4. Oh and I love the quote.

    Reminds me of a fragment of one stuck in my head..."There's a hole in me, the size of you..."

  5. trying to get radio national through my earphones but its not easy...

  6. Can you get Radio Australia Mark? Just ring them up and have a word. Actually, you can pod it!
    Sontag, Picasso's women is published by Tactile Books and is just beautiful to hold.

  7. Online RN Player here....

    Damn I should really avoid the RN site at work.... there goes the day.

  8. Just found this on the RN site when I wandered off Sarah, right up your alley methinks!

    gotta love Robyn William's tag "Allowing thoughtful people to have their say without interruption."

  9. My Goodness CQ, what have you done? I'm supposed to be working too!

  10. I did get a copy this book and it is beautiful to hold as well as eloquent and witty and biting. Reminiscent too of the late Dorothy Porter.

    So...Thank you again for your post.