Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bob's Fish Pictures #2

No. 18. Crenilabrus?
Native name Knelmich, Miname or Minamen.
Common rock fish or parrot fish of the sealers.
Poor and soft. Inhabits bold (sic) rocky shores, where it is troublesome to the fisher by carrying off his bait. Caught by hook 3rd. May 1841.

No. 37.
Native name Paril, Kunol, or Bomburn.
Black rock fish of the sealers.
Inhabits rocky shores, and grows to the size of fifteen or twenty punds weight. Poor soft eating. Speared by Warrawar, 12th. May 1841.

No. 12.
Native name Ianon't Worogut, or Cumbeak.
Inhabits weedy places in deep water and along sandy bays. Sometimes taken by the natives on the edge of banks. Excellent eating. Caught by hook 18th. March 1841.

No. 30.
Native name Moolet.
Red Rock Perch .
Inhabits rocky shores. Bites eagerly and is a gross feeder. Indifferent eating. Caught by hook, 6th. April 1841.

No. 35.
Genus not ascertained.
Native name -Koogenuck, Kuejuimeck or Knowl.
Little known to the sealers.
Dorsal spines remarkable; scales large; grows to a large size; the flanks scales of one weighing twenty eight pounds, measures an inch and a half in length, and an inch and a quarter in breadth. (They are cycloid).

No. 47.
Labrus laticlavius.
Native name Kanup or Parill. (Green Fish).
Is a rare inhabitant of rocky shores. Caught by hook 17th. August 1841. Poor eating.

No. 48.
Aulopus Purpurissatus.
Native name Kardar.
Very rare. Caught by hook on a rocky shore by Mr. Sholl of Albany, 14th. July 1841.

Pictures Courtesy of the British Museum of Natural History.
Brown italics are the descriptions by R. Neill in the appendix to Eyre's journal.


  1. Such beautifully observed and rendered detail.

  2. They're amazing aren't they? I just get enchanted by them.

  3. I love the parrot fish and the final image of the Kundar, in particular.

    They are all beautiful...absorbing.

    Thanks for posting them.

  4. Oh and I added a small link from my "Peak Experience Survey" to your "Bicycle Sagas #3". Hope that is okay with you.

  5. What do you think no35 is - that's a bloody ugly fish?!

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  7. Fuck Telstra!
    I mean, these are really nice fish, but I want to read something new!

  8. I dunno chrissie, was wondering whether it was a rather lumpy looking black bream, but surely Neill and the sealers would have known that?