Thursday, July 30, 2009

Computer Says No

I'm one of the great unwashed at the library, buying their internet for thirty minutes. There are people here who spell out loud, something more common to me during those excruciatingly sweaty rites of self flagellation they call exams.
Anyhoo, any chance for a Whingeing Spray ... I hate Telstra ... right? Nine days without internet, seven days without a phone ...

I'd like to write one of those inspiring stories about the night the power went out and how we all went from complete panic at our twentyfirst century lives being bastardised, to sitting around a candle lit barbeque and all actually talking to each other, instead of watching TV.

But I don't feel like that. I'm fucking pissed at the buck-passing going on between Omninet and Telstra. I'm so pissed that my mind and body cease to function properly when I start talking to a representative or techie. I just start leaking - tears, insults, saliva, whatever it takes. I'm bound up, however, with hateful internal dialogues that spin around in my head, like tissues in the wash.
And that's why A WineDark Sea has been rather silent. I'll be back when my line is restored.


  1. Ah. And, here I was thinking you'd gone on a road trip. Instead Telstra is taking you on a head trip.

    Telephone companies are a pet hate of mine too...I'll do anything to avoid having contact with them...and frustration always peaks early when I do.

    I'll say a little prayer for you to the Goddess who creates melt downs in bureaucracies and reconnects sound souls to the universe.

    In the mean time, good luck :)

  2. I sympathise entirely Sarah.
    I was given a new mobile for my birthday. It took an hour last Sunday, and the input of three English speaking adults trying to communicate with a very fast-speaking lady in Manilla who had a very strong accent to get the phone registered. Frustration first-class! I was blaming my hearing until my two good-hearing-endowed blokes got into the act. Blood pressures rapidly rose all over!
    And when we moved up here it took forever to get Telstra to admit that the reason my AAPT supplied broad band connection wasn't working was because of Telstras dodgy exchange connection up the road.
    We miss you on the air... come back soon!

  3. Hi, thanks for your sympathies and heart felt prayers to the Goddess. She listened! Happy Birthday BT.X