Saturday, June 12, 2010

Calling All Mariners


  1. And the fine print says; rally at the point between Bald Head and Breaksea Island; tune into channel 81 for further instructions; create a circle to show the size and scope of the proposed dump site; if you don't have a boat you have five days to find one to stowaway yourselves! (There will be plenty of rides).

    It will be fun - and a good excuse to get the Selkie out for a spin ... whoo hoo!

  2. Go you guys. Is it too far out to paddle?? :))

  3. Mmm, it may be hazardous, but like I said, there are vessels going out to accomodate others and then you can jump on your board. Ask SailAway or the other mob. They will take people out. And it's channel 85. I got it wrong the first time.