Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tilting at Windmills

Taking the Selkie out to Bald Head was a crazy idea. Old Salt tried to say something but, as usual, I ignored the fantasy that I cannot beat every windmill I tilt at. She got retired at the port marker before the channel to the Sound and I jumped into the (bigger, more powerful) Qunitrex. Later, after dropping off the journalists, the Selkie got a tow home.

The motor? She's a burster but the hull is built for a leisurely laze on millponds and rivers - not dealing with windwaves, wakes and waves. I want a boat I can take to the islands and head out into open sea without being downright terrified and bored shitless all at once. Plus, I just can't work out the trim.

But, despite abandoning the Selkie, heading out with the flotilla to protest against the mining company and the port authority dumping their crap inside King George Sound was absolutely fantastic. Roaring up over huge raves and slamming down the other side and seeing all those boats by our side heading out on a mission to Bald Head - fishing boats, dive boats, tour boats and those folk in their old plywood boats - priceless.

After trailering the boats, we headed for the lay-by on the highway, where Grievous was parked waiting for us. He had an icebox on the back of his ute and gave me a few very nice specimens of Pallinup sea mullet, bless him. It was a splendid day all round.

Peter Garrett, federal environment minister, okayed this most dodgey project on Friday.


  1. I really hope your protest went ok Sarah - I wish I could have been there. (I was lying about throwing up, btw).

  2. P.S. Three magic words in the west of Cornwall: 'Sabre Marine Diesel' - vroom.

  3. Well that's it. I was giving Garrett a second chance but I am completely over him. What a turn-coat. Sorry to sound bitter, but you wouldn't expect much more from a bloody 'rock star' who dances like a broom anyway.

    Good thing is, although Labor is floundering in the polls, the votes aren't going to Liberal either - they are going to the Greens. And finally, after a year and a bit of waiting, Bob Brown gets to talk to Uncle Kevy because suddenly he is interested. What a mob of tarts. Didn't Rudd realise that a lot of lefties swing between Labor and the Greens? Well, I always vote for the greens anyway so lets pray for a hung parliament in the next election - it's the only thing that will keep them honest.

    Yeah, I could have told you what Old Salt did, you need a deep 'V' ocean going tinnie for this ocean. It's big and heavy and unforgiving. But hey, I admire your guts Sarah, I wouldn't have attempted it in the Selkie!!

  4. Nahh that Selky she did herself proud. By my calculation, ever since you pointed out Baldhead on the map, any one brave enough to navigate such waters needs special gifts. And so Selky, you and your boat, also named 'Selky,' well-done to the both of you! I hope your protest brings this important matter some well-earned attention!

  5. Yes, the protest was good fun and I hope it garnered some attention for the Sound from those people who are alseep/too busy/don't know.

    You are right about the hull shape Michelle. The Selkie may be a little champ but she is definitely a mill pond girl. - And my mental image of garrett dancing like a broom will never leave my brain! Thanks for that.

    Great motor though ... great motor. I heard somewhere that there is a bumper sticker that says 'Save the 2 Stroke' Heh. Yes.
    Haven't come across Sabre Marine Diesels yet, Tom.

  6. I remember that those two-strokes are very reliable. Which of course is really important out there. I wouldn't leave the Sound without an auxillary though. We used to take oars on the west coast, but in reality, the deeper hulled dinghies are almost impossible to row, too much freeboard, especially in a strong wind. I would't go 5 miles out down here without some extra equipment, the west coast is a doddle compared to this place.

  7. going solely by that photo of you in your little Selkie, to tackle the trim issue...can I suggest a long line for the fuel tank so you can have it up near the bow... or ditch the motor and row, row, row your boat!

    When I get the ACEC's laptop back from Chrissie, I'll post an image of my sweet little "Namco" tinny on my site. And yes,it was made by the same people that make Namco aluminium saucepans.

    PS I haven't forgotten your ten bucks. ;)

  8. Cool, a saucepan maker's tinny. It does make perfect sense.
    Selkie needs more than a fuel tank up forehead - a boulder, or even another person.

  9. Sarah of the Selkie two stroke clan lives to tell another tale... rock that boat ST!!

    I concur...dancing like a broom... feckn excellent M :))

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