Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Not About You At All

Tonight at scrabble, Haimona told a story. I think I've heard him tell it before but it struck a true chord this time.

His  work colleague, in the land conservation department, spent a week each year working on an island. After his last trip, he said to Haimona, "There was one bloke. By the time we were on the boat home, after a week of working with this bastard on the island, I was ready to hit him.

And it was on the boat yesterday when I realised that every year I go out to the island - and it's been eight years now - there is always one bloke. There has always been one guy who pissed me off to the point of fantasising about violence. It's just a different one each time."


  1. A good point, Amy. There always IS one bloke. I find my one bloke in a pub, so at least I can leave him there. I told one to fuck off on saturday, but I think that was more to do with my state of mind than his pain-in-the-arseness.

    Keep that salty wind in your hair!

  2. you think there is some energy imprint then? About this island? Or is it somehow the 'act' of going to an island, any island?

    When I first moved in with Robin in a house built in 1893 I was completely agitated. Although there was 'stuff' going on in the relationship which I attributed it to, this was very intense. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't settle. Eventually I learnt to cope with it. Just recently, a friend moved into the house and their housemate also couldn't sleep in that same room. They got the 'dowsers' in and did a cleansing ceremony - all fixed! This sort of thing has happened quite a few times to me.

    A Rosicrucian I know also confirmed what I felt about the Port Arthur massacre, that poor soul Martin Bryant had just tapped into some really dark energy and acted on it without even knowing why. We reckon it was based on the aweful things they did to the Aboriginal people and also because it was a penal settlement.

  3. That's funny. I thought it was about the person and so did you Tom, I think, and Michelle thought it was about the place. I hadn't even contemplated that one.

    Perhaps also it is being confined in a place for a week and having to find someone to annoy him each year.
    Anyway ... who's Amy?

  4. Some blokes could be all alone on an island - and there'd still be one bloke they'd want to hit.