Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I AM the Phantom, K?

This picture has been sent to me at least three times now. It never fails to make a cackling, dismayed mess of me, having walked into much the same kind of living room, usually my own, at least once in my life ... and look, the little bugga has even started on the couch! Anyone tell him it was ceiling paint? Like, for ceilings?

Several years ago when Stormboy was this age, he thought the Phantom was The Bomb and so I bought him a Phantom suit. (It was just a little bit too tight because how can you put a kid who thinks he is the Phantom in  baggy, purple undies?)  His Dad was going away to work at about that time and gave me his camera. "Just take some photos of him while I'm gone."

Two months later, I handed him back the camera with the film inside. I know that the photographs were of Stormboy in the back yard, painted pitch black all over, including his hair and the soles of his feet (his big sister's doing, that. Definitely not mine), dancing around a bonfire starkers but for the sparklers attached to his underpants.
I'm a bad, bad  mother and the camera will not lie about that.
I've never seen the pictures and his Dad has not mentioned that film again.


  1. AND he looks so pleased with himself!

  2. I would have drowned him in a bucket

  3. Oh the innocent fun of children, such a shame when they grow up.... of course some don't. Have you ? :-)

  4. Somewhere I have a photo of my daughter after she anointed her face, her pajamas, and the bedroom carpet with wool fat (aka lanolin).
    Maybe Storm Boy's dad is saving that photo up for his 21st, or when he brings the love of his life home?

  5. I think it is just the absolute picture of joy that gets me - and the whitewashed little bro!