Thursday, June 9, 2011

The June O'Clock News

Asylum seekers will be sent overseas from Australia to be processed.
Cattle will no longer be sent overseas from Australia to be processed.


  1. Would you kindly return the sheep and rabbits too please :)

  2. Seriously though folks, I nearly called this post 'Everbody Knows' after the Cohen song.

    How long does it take for us people to rise out of our white goods comfort zone? Four corners footage?

    People protesting the live export trade have been portrayed as cranks for years. Much the same treatment is handed out to Australians who say our asylum seeker policies are... inhumane.

    I have been listening to Radio National's graziers complaining all night - New Zealand has stopped live exports for eight years now, democratically, and with minimal impact on their economy - a country where 80% of their meat is exported.

    The Indo slaughterhouses story eclipsed the story of the guvmint sending asylum seeking kids with no parents to Malaysia to be 'processed'.

  3. interesting statement and it hits the spot much better than that ABC video eh?

  4. Yep - one crazy f*****d up world for sure.