Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kurungabaa and the Shack at Foul Bay

What amazing cover art!
Kurungabaa has a new issue out and one of my yarns about Selkies and Sealers is in there.

Tonight, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I am sitting in my swag at the Foul Bay shack and blogging about Kurungabaa. The ocean is roaring here and will roar all night long, only settling for the moment of dawn before the wind rises again. But in the shack it is warm with hardwood burning in the big old stove.

Normally I am out of telephone range and off the internet for days at a time while we camp in huts and fish the more remote inlets. I'm not sure all this connectivity will keep me enamoured forever but right now, it feels pretty cool.
I just drove down to the beach and turned the car's headlights on to the water, saw all the pretty silver garfish leaping about ... seine shot tomorrow ...


  1. reminds me of the whale scene in Pinocchio!

  2. The scene where he gets swallowed by the whale and tickles the insides of its belly to get sneezed out? Or was that The Goodies? I've a feeling my Granny read it to me, cackling the whole time.