Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crusher Balls

A few months ago I technologically challenged myself quite drastically by spilling coffee all over my laptop. You may have noticed a slowing in WineDark posts and a complete lack of new pictures ... sorry 'bout that. Here's the first installment in all the lovely pics I've just loaded onto my shiny new toy.


  1. Ooooo these are nice!
    Not too sure what you be doing with them there crusher balls though ST...?

    How Absolutely fabulous...
    enjoy your new toy!!
    OH the shiny goodness <3

  2. Thought you might like them WY!

  3. Makes a nice change from all the ball-crushers on other people's laptops, Sarah.

  4. I presume that the balls that found their mark are the misshapen ones and those that missed are still spherical :)

  5. Lovely pics. Bugger about the laptop.......I don't feel so bad about being strict with students, drinks and computers now!!

  6. They are for crushing ore into dust. Beautiful huh?
    Yes ... laptops. Expensive cup of coffee. So different from spilling it over a simple $20 keyboard.