Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad hair haiku

Daughter cut my hair
She's not allowed near it 
angry, ever again.


    I don't think I've ever laughed out loud at haiku before!!!!
    Good one!

  2. Yes, the passive aggressive haircut is a truly frightening experience for poodles and humans alike.

  3. Hahhah I cut my daughters hair once. In retaliation she bang cut her fringe to a centimetre of her hairline, Girl Interrupted style. I kind of liked that look, 70's surfer style.
    When we place trust in another, all the doors are opened.

  4. Show us a photo - PLEEEZE, Auntie Sarah!

  5. My mother used to have a crack at cutting my hair. She cut my fringe way too short trying to get it straight, and then proceeded to cover it up by sweeping sections of other hair over it. Well of course that lasted about 2 seconds at school before the error was exposed. Ho hum, just add it to the long list of embarassing childhood moments.

  6. What a great word! Had me going on a trip ... 'one who never cuts their hair'. Or perhaps 'one who should never let offspring cut hair'.