Friday, August 17, 2012

Catherine the Great Bohemian Artist

One of my favourite artists is exhibiting her Bridges series in her studio ... next month!


  1. I had never heard of Catherine Gordon so I swung over to her site and I must confess her paintings are terrific. I wonder what she would make of the scenery here with the river, the sea, rocky headland and thick impenetrable forest. I shouldn't think she'd have much trouble selling them here if they were of local scenery, there are some very rich folk here.

  2. Thanks Hippo.
    Cathy's paintings always bring me back to sitting and watching the water. Her work borders on the sublime. I've been blessed to be in the same space where she paints - and she is a working painter.
    It is quite nice hearing someone from the other big rough continent 'get it'.

  3. I tried painting water but gave up as the last of my palete knives sank.

    Seriously, I really wanted to study English and Art and had two exhibitions but my parents felt art students were sponging socialists and writers dreamers so wanted me to be an Architect. Instead I ended up a bomb disposal officer and later on humanitarian mine clearance and still just as poor as an art student...