Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dogs of the Sea, work and play

 Repentant pirates, or so Dionysus said ... dogs of the sea play in the bow wave of the Tearaway. They were massive, like small whales.

 Sit for long enough watching and nature will always put on an event for you. The dolphins below are herding a huge school of salmon into the beach. There, they harassed and stressed the salmon until they vomited up the pilchards they'd been eating. The dogs of the sea stole for themselves a fresh cooked lunch and the salmon swam away hungry (but alive!)


  1. Love 'em. The pod that lives in the bay and surfs with us introduced a young one to us a couple of weeks back. He/she leapt out of the water very near and right in front of me. I think they know us these dolphins.

  2. I'm sure they know most critters who hang out in their quarters Michelle! They would make it their business :~)

  3. I never knew that dolphins 'milked' salmon like that!

  4. Well they do! And 'milked' is a fine word. May I borrow it?

    ps - they are a totally different species of fish to the Northern salmon, I just have to clarify that.