Friday, April 12, 2013

Yesterday: Cape Riche to Albany

 At dawn, dolphins followed K as he came ashore to pick us up.

 Cheyne Island at Cape Riche. That tiny knob on the left side of the island is a stone lookout from the bay whaling days.

 Haul Off Rock 

Bald Island

 Bald Rocky Islands. Actually I'm not sure what they are called - just west of Bald Island. They are very bald and very rocky.

 Autopilot makes time for conversations and fishing.

"Just imagine if you came across that channel into the inlet after days and days of rough seas. Imagine if you discovered Waychinicup."
K's son laughed. "Yeah it would be a beautiful thing. But you'd never want to get close enough in rough seas."

 Cape Vancouver

Cape Vancouver and Mt Gardner.

 The most impressive Rock Dundar

 Breaksea and Michaelmas Island, left and right.

K was a happy man to sail into town, two years after he sailed away.

                                                Green Island, Oyster Harbour. Nearly home.

Apologies for the standard of photography here - and some excuses. The light was beautiful and misty from dawn to dusk, the hills and island shrouded in salt spray. I have a feeling my phone camera was shrouded in mist too.