Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cairo Necklace and Jimmy Newell's Harbour

Well, what fun a good exhibition opening is. There's another one on today but I'll get to that in a minute. First the necklace thing.

I wore a blue necklace to the art centre last night. As I clasped it, I had the strangest sense that I would get busted wearing it, even though I've worn the necklace many times and gotten away with it. At the exhibition, True, another artist friend, saw it and exclaimed, "You know Sarah, when I was eighteen years old I bought a necklace exactly like that in a market in Cairo! Just like that one."
"Did you lose it?" I asked her.
True stared. "Yes."
Snow was with us and said, "Did you find it, Sarah?"
"Yes, at the town hall."
"Is that my necklace?" True said.
"Probably," (Sooo busted.)

Turned out that four years ago True loaned the necklace to her niece, who was in the same school theatre production as my son. I didn't know True back then. After the last show, there was a small pile of lost property, costumes and props asking for a home. The necklace didn't make it back to the school ... or to True ... but to my bower of sparkly, lovely things.
So when I put it on last night I knew for some reason that the necklace would find its original owner, that someone in the crowd of friends and art lovers would see it and know it was theirs. And she did.
Weird huh? Or maybe just the law of averages in a small town.

Anyway, Anne North is having her exhibition opening today. Here is my personal favourite of her paintings - Jimmy Newell's Lookout

And here are the exhibition details:

Sunday 29 Sept till 13 Oct. 7am till 6pm everyday.


  1. I'm calling you Sarah Bower Bird from now on - you and your blue jewels!!

  2. Yes, it was definitely a bower bird moment, that one. We have agreed to share the necklace.

  3. You could have told her that you found the necklace in the belly of a fish that you caught, Sarah.

    1. Could have?
      Should have!
      Damn, wish you were there Tom.

    2. Crass question, but what was it priced at/around/for?

    3. Erm, that was meant to go on the below reply block..

  4. Hey Sarah, is Jimmy Newell's lookout directly above Jimmy Newell's Harbour? I don't know. Love that painting as well, it rings true..

    1. Yes it is the harbour Ciaran, or one side of it at least.

    2. Looks like the land is fingering into the sea ...
      It's quite special, that painting.

  5. Just finished reading "Cairo" the new book by Chris Womersley. It's set in Melbourne in 1986 and revolves around the theft of Picasso's "Weeping Woman" from the National gallery oif Victoria by the ACT (Arts Cultural Terrorists). True story as you probably know. It was worth $1.6 mill. and was eventually returned (though Womersley's novel gives it a few double twists). Blue Necklace - Weeping Woman?