Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Best. Review. Ever

So I was walking my bicycle up the main street of town two days ago, when a silver car screeched into a parking bay ahead. A stranger jumped out and hurried down the street towards me.
"Is your name Sarah?"
He was fairly short, tattooed and bright eyed. He thrust out a brawny arm with a huge hand on the end of it for me to shake.

"I'm Rodney. I just wanna say I've read your book and its fucking awesome. What a piece of fucking work. I was just going going up the street and I saw you and said to the missus 'I reckon that's that chick who wrote that book.' I said 'Pull over and I'll tell her how much I liked her book.' Oh, I really did mate. I've been working all my life on prawn trawlers out of Canarvon and you nailed it. The stories I could tell you mate, the fucking things that happen at sea. I got a whole book myself. Anyway, hope I made your day. It's a fucking awesome book mate. Nice to meet you."

And then he ran back up the street and jumped in the car and he and his wife waved out the window and beeped the horn as they drove off.
Which was fucking awesome.


  1. These encounters have happened a few times with readers I've never met before. I think it is because my photograph is in the back of the book. It's always bloody brilliant and kind of strange too.

  2. The only strangers who call my name in the street are usually policemen, immigration or tax officials...

  3. I could recognise you from behind now Sarah, and it's not just to do with your hair or the book cover. It's ever since I found that Google Street image of you standing and staring out to sea without a stitch on.

  4. That's very cool, any review with fuck in it is AAA+ in my book. Maybe there is your next book?

  5. Love it!! What a great dude

  6. It is fucking awesome and I agree with everything he said, even if I'm not a prawn fisher from Carnavon.

    Jenny Ackland, having trouble signing in under my wordpress account.