Thursday, February 27, 2014


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    1. Don't behave yourself, Sarah. Life's too short. Horse's doovers - my favourite.

  2. I heard you were mixing it with some literary luminaries (is that how you spell it?) via Anne North on Facebook. And yes, you seem to be scaring poor old William there.

    Well done Sarah Toa.

  3. What a great couple of talks they were Sarah. Will McInnes is a sweetheart and a looker! Last night I went to probably the best theatre I have ever witnessed. I don't normally do theatre - I am more of an arty / books kinda girl. It was a one man show with Denis O'Hare doing the Iliad, it was amazing! That guy totally knew how to turn the gods and the archetypes into life. I cried a couple of times. I took my dad who also thought it was brilliant. I think I can truly say that I have seen a real bard. Anyway, beautiful day - off to the oyster festival and going to see 'The Seals' at the liberate. Have a great weekend if I don't see you.