Tuesday, March 11, 2014


My book Salt Story sold out after eight weeks which was kinda cool and awful all at once. People were asking me in the supermarket how to get hold of it and it's scarcity made it valuable.
But it's back! A second edition hit Australian shelves this week. It was quite lovely for me to open the book and read in the frontispiece: 'Republished 2014.'
Apparently Salt Story was the fastest selling new release from Fremantle Press for 2013/2014.

(Jumps on her computer chair. Has a bit of a dance. Falls off.)


  1. Ah - I was let in! I'm so glad you sold out, and I'm so glad I have a first, signed. edition. X

  2. Sometimes it takes a while to recognise how good or how new and original something is. That sales result may be making what is there but somehow not obvious, apparent. Hope so anyway.. Well done!

  3. I think it may be a 'lucky book' Ciaran, one that arrived, almost by accident at just the right time.

  4. Good for you Sarah - great news.