Friday, June 13, 2014

Better to have been listed and lost than ...

So Salt Story didn't make it to the shortlist of the Dobbie Literary Prize. I thought I should breathe this small sigh of information somewhere - seeing as the national broadsheets aren't clogging up my phone with requests for interviews about not being shortlisted.

But you know? Salt Story: of sea-dogs and fisherwomen was long-listed.
Yessss :~)


  1. That in itself is a fantastic achievement, Sarah - it is your first book, after all! There will - I'm sure - be others.

  2. Aaawww, well my publishing offer turned out to be a farce - which I thought it might, so we can console each other. And yes, it's like getting into the Albany Art prize but not winning it - it is an achievement just to get in, so you are right to be pleased about that.

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  3. Absolutely. I'm quite pleased because I didn't expect to get listed for anything. To tell you the truth, getting the news last Thursday was almost a relief.
    But still ... bugger.
    It's all sorts of feelings.

  4. Expect more relief and deflation when you finish your thesis ST. A similar 'all sorts of feelings'.

  5. I'll bet Michelle. Believe me, I've been following your trajectory with a slightly creepy, almost anthropological eye :~)

  6. Oh (she hastens to add) I've been really enjoying your writing lately. That 'breaking out' stuff. It's great. Sometimes, you might see that I don't comment for a few days. I quite like reading your posts a second time.

  7. Great to get listed. Absolutely.

  8. Not sure if this will work. First comment got eaten. All I wanted to say was lots of feelings there but your book has done/is doing so well. It's such a beautiful thing and going into reprint so quickly and all the attention it got. Getting listed is a really big deal. Such an achievement. But then it raises hopes and as you say, different feelings come in. You are ace, more books coming. Yay.

  9. Was book of the year in my house (& believe me, there's a lot get read here).