Friday, August 15, 2014

Light Dances and the Whales

  Artwork by David Henley

Plume of Words (fellow blogger aka Ms PoW according to me and Elizabeth Bryer to others) wrote an astute and gorgeous review of my book Salt Story for the online version of Kill Your Darlings (here). I read her latest published work first thing this morning and it changed my whole day. In a way, it reminded me of one of my favourite novels A Cloud Atlas because of it's expanding and contracting foray through history, geography, myth and on-the-ground revelations of humanity. Beautiful.
If you click on the image, it will take you to her story 'Light Dance'.
Liz also wrote a story about finding the fossilised skeletons of ancient whales in a South American desert. (Here) She is a young Australian writer who makes me tremendously excited about the genre of non fiction and magic realism, where the everyday is magical and the magical, everyday.


  1. Shall chase up this reading, Sarah. Thanks! Sounds like something I'd enjoy taking a closer look at.

  2. I like your positive catch-word on your labels for this post too - 'yes'.

  3. when I read her stories, I breathe out 'yes'

    1. Is that the only time you breathe out 'yes'? (Well I did warn you to beware of old men. If you think I'm bad, you should try having a 70 year-old Druid as a follower).

  4. :-D Wow, thank you for the endorsement, Sarah! It really means a lot x