Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Earth Stars


  1. Earth Star mushrooms used to be in the UK, but have now been declared extinct. My identification book shows an old, dried one, and says that if ever anyone finds one in the UK, let the author know!

  2. Oh that's interesting Tom, they are supposed to exist all over the place. I would send you some spores but you'd probably get arrested.

  3. I don't know anything about these things, but they do look interesting. Are they edible? Poisonous? Invasive?

  4. Hi Alex. they grow all over the world and some cultures eat them but they look a bit stringy to me. They open out and release spores when it rains. Here they are growing in karri loam country and once I got my eye in, I saw them everywhere. I'm a lit bit in love with the critters.

    1. That is interesting. As a kid, I don't remember getting taught much about mushrooms and things. As far as my parents were concerned, it was better to assume they were all toxic. Sometimes we'd get huge outbreaks after rain, but most places we lived were too dry to see many of them. Or so I remember.

      In later years, I've learned how amazing fungus can be. Have you heard of the humongous fungus, which is believed to be a single organism covering more than 3 square miles?