Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two quotes I'm loving today

There is only one recipe - to care a great deal for the cookery.
Henry James.

All of us here who ‘write,’ we do not know what we do, we are crazy, foolish, we wander along invisible streams, we run backwards and forwards incessantly before metal- grating that doesn’t exist, we seek till the exhaustion of the
contents of our heads, to pass, to pass what, to pass from a region of feeling to a
region of what, of painting with words what moves us without wandering
abandoned along deserts without knowing where the door that opens that gives
access to the other side.
Helene Cixous.

Also here is my grand daughter just because she's awesome


  1. Beautiful little girl! Is her name Pearl? If so, how appropriate for someone who loves the sea to have a grandchild named Pearl! Lovely.

    1. Pearl is my daughter's middle name, Jennifer.

  2. Replies
    1. You know how genetics can skip a generation? She reminds me of me, already.

  3. Hèléne always has something useful to offer, I find.

    Your grandchild is indeed awesome. That picture reminds me of a favourite I have of my grandchild. In it he's wearing jocks and swimming goggles and playing in the rain on a mid winter's day.

    ( I can't seem to comment via wordpress, will give my google ID a go)

    1. Michelle, your goggle ID seemed to work. Blogger has been a bit strange re commenting lately.

      Yesterday was the first time I've come across Cixous. A friend sent me that quote. I love her allusion to a tiger or a prisoner running up and down the metal grating. Sometimes I just want to run along it with a cup making as much noise as possible.

  4. I think the quotes are over my head, but the photos are bloody adorable. Speaking of genetics, I've only seen a couple of photos of you, but I reckon there's a pretty clear resemblance there.

    Must be handy not to have to water your garden too.

  5. It's not so much her looks but then I've always found it hard to see myself in my own children. It's more about her character - a dash of robustness and independent spirit and a side serve of dastardliness.