Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meet the neighbours

One of those ridiculously huge F100s,
bonnet raised,
a man inspecting the motor,
impromptu, aged fishing shacks.

A small, yappy piebald dog greets us.

A blue/brindle Great Dane bitch. Her eyelids drooping to reveal her reddened lower eye-lids and as she lopes towards us, she looks like a red-eyed, grey ghost. I am busy trying to back the trailer into a driveway to turn around and go home. I wave to the man bent over his truck and he waves back to say he is okay.

"Did you see that dog? That Great Dane? Wow," I say to the guys who helped me move house. "She is amazing. What a dog."

"Sarah. Sarah. Look at that dog."
I'm so busy backing the trailer that it takes a while until I turn back onto the track. Then I see the dog stalking alongside the car.

He's about the same size as a lion. I can tell by his gait that he's got all of his balls. His coat is the glossy blue/grey/black of a Burmese cat, his neck is rolled with fat and muscle. He knows who he is. He looks like a  bull mastiff but he's bigger than any dog I've ever seen.  He feels no need to bark at us.

He just walks us out of the place.


  1. If you watched me walk, I am not sure you would be able to tell if I still had my balls. You may be side-tracked by the haunted look in my eyes.

  2. Feral. You should feel right at home :)

  3. Sounds like you've gone from the land of the large worrisome dogs to the land of the gigantic fucking terrifying dogs.

    You're still in the same general part of the country, aren't you?

    1. About the gigantic fucking terrifying dogs, I had a visit from them yesterday morning.

      And no, I've moved west of my home country.

    2. Any dramas? How did the pup handle it?

    3. She stayed behind my knees the whole time!
      No dramas, they ended up being quite friendly.

  4. When I see vehicles of that ilk, I almost always think about what kind of income the owner must have. I just cannot imagine spending fifty to a hundred K on a car. The mind boggles..