Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Indian Rednecks

I'm clearing the decks, one by feathered, furry one.
When I take a look around at the backyard ... well. It's an interesting ecosystem, mad with weeds, festooned with hippy washing lines and oyster shells, flowering with colourful chewed up plastic buckets. Then there's the fauna. I realised recently that out of all the animals that live here, none of them are actually mine, as in I deliberately went out to acquire said creature.

Disaster puppy, that lion cub of a mastiff with balls, is 'on loan' from my son's father who seems to be living permanently north, hence the regular craft-with-plastic-bucket sessions. (He owes me ... more than a few plastic buckets).

Bobcat, she's Bob's, a handy legacy who kills rats the size of small kelpies and leaves them with their throats torn out, just for me.

Black hens - Bob. Red hens - my Mum. White hens - my son. The ringtail possums, bandicoots and the black king skink hibernating under the piano? They came with the house.
There's Cheech, the indian ringneck parrot. Now there's a beautiful looking bird. (No - he's a noisy, cantankerous, hierarchically obsessed little bastard.)

Cheech got thrown in with a car I bought. Jaybird looked at me oddly when I told him that. "Sarah Toa, you are the only person I know, who could buy a Hyundai exel and get an exotic yellow parrot thrown into the deal."
Clearing the decks? Well Cheech left today for the bigger, more accommodating aviary of an indian ringneck enthusiast. (They're a murky mob)
One down ... Now to heed the vital part of deck-clearing - not getting suckerpunched into mothering any more pets.


  1. Gorgeous dog and NO I don't want to look after him. Good word that.

    So Sarah, I will be putting you through your paces from now on so you can practise saying 'no' - no explanations, no justifications and no guilt. Backup plan: if some mean bastard inists and asks 'why not?' Answer: because I don't want to. :)

    (This is something positive I learnt from the sanyassin experience)

  2. and............if you forgot momentarily your resolve and stupidly said yes, you are then free to change your mind if you so desire. (courtesy of a former sister-in-law!)

  3. Thats a female perogative, I believe! Yes ... NO. A policeman gave me a dog recently, in the course of his duties - "Just tie it up, it'll get too hot in my car and it's lost."
    Sucker ...

  4. what another one?! policeman with dog?!

  5. The worst thing is, the day after I got rid of the parrot, along comes two guinea pigs. One pet forward two pets back!

  6. Sarah you are so funny. Your life is definitely bizarre but hey, we animal lovers will pray for you.