Monday, September 14, 2009

My Pterodactyl

Well ... the suspension (of disbelief) has been building for a month now. It's been disproved an emu skull and is most probably a fish.
But ohhh! How I want this to be a pterodactyl!
This skull was pulled out of the nets by Old Salt and I from the murky waters under the Kalgan River bridge, covered in barnacles, with tiny crabs living in its brain socket. Any ideas? Anyone?

Note how asymmetrical the top of the skull is.

A side view, on A4 paper.
And yes, I am an iPhoto Luddite, sorry 'bout that.


  1. whatever it is, Sarah... It looks pretty awe-inspiring. I hope it is a pterodactyl!

  2. I think its definitely some kind of fish. It had a weird grinding plate instead of tooth sockets, so its not a pig Chrissie. Just dunno!