Sunday, September 27, 2009


Phosphorescence has attached itself to my blog with some links to places scintillating and strange. I'll introduce them to you, so you can drop in and offer these new residents a cup of sugar. (They live under the moon.)
Dunedin Street Art takes me back to days when I'd walk to the uni gym in Dunedin, along the shopping trolley-strewn Leith River, breathing steam into the icy air, seeing pathos and murder unfold daily in the local duck community and checking out the great street art on the walls of factories.
Silvia Huege de Serville's blog is a beautiful and complicated journey of art and identity.
And Big Storm Picture? Well, if you have an ounce of testosterone and a healthy appreciation for a ripping great storm (me - both, as the pre-storm tingling in my extremities and hairs on my chin attest), you'll love these guys.


  1. these links aren't working for me. am i just being impatient?

  2. Oh dear, try again and let me know, they work on my own blogspot.

  3. that's good, found it!
    very nice links. cheers!

  4. Wow - I like Sylvia's paintings - luscious!