Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Excitement!

Two exciting things have happened, well perhaps even more but I'll let you in on two ...
Today I learnt how to make Freedom of Information requests and it is so easy, I can't believe I've never gone there before! Why is this so exciting? Because now when I'm writing something important and investigative (just like in the movies) I can get stuck into the government agency files. Oooh yes.

The second exciting thing is that in about six weeks Storm Boy and me are crewing a huge catamaran from Albany to Esperence! So I get to hang out on islands a lot, sail out to sea and commune with the seals again. I know the skipper/owner well from boat ramp chats and totally trust and like this guy.

Initially Storm Boy wasn't coming because he gets sea sick (I know - son of a fisherwoman. He doesn't even eat fish but he still loves the ocean and all its critters). I hadn't considered asking him if he wanted to come, organising some care for him instead, along with the dog, chickens, cat and students. But now we've decided to overcome the seasick thingy somehow and so he is coming too!

                                                                           Image - 'Fisherwoman' trunk label.


  1. Excellent. The trick with sea-sickness is neutral food in the stomach before you go out (dry crackers worked for me until I got my stomach acclimatised), and do your 'watch' no matter how crap you feel. Getting out in the fresh air is a must. But you probably know that.