Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whalesong From Galicia

 "The Whale is in an old whale factory in Galicia that nowadays is abandoned and waiting for speculators to build a shopping centre over it. The wall is like a reminder of the all the corpses that rested, not in peace, inside that factory."

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  1. wow!...
    and what do You make of the pair of legs next to the person on the right in the pic?

  2. It's amazing isn't it? I think that's a small dog. thanks for commenting1

  3. So powerfull!
    I visited amazing stuff... I blew up this pic a few times... and never saw the dog... I kept seeing a pair of children's legs... time for new glasses, maybe?

    I am feeling the 'sense' of this image that will either be demolished or remain in the belly of a shopping mall? Hhmm, the ghostly appearance of the dog legs, is a haunting rehearter...
    (this may not make "sense," either)
    "outherib" the scrambled word to post this...

  4. Its quite a respectful image. Half way between art and schematic diagram it seems to value the animal as much as the practise of butchering it. At least its solemn. I witnessed my first bullfight in Spain last year. They killed seven in the first of a week long festival; each day featuring an evening and night time double bill. This image is a long way from the Andalucian slaughter, yet idea of using art this way does tie the two together. Be wary, the Spanish are clever at manipulating the strings of reason in order to allay guilt and the notion that they must inevitably give up the killing.

  5. Hi, Sarah,
    Just heard the fabulous news that ‘High Times at the Hotel Dessication’has been selected for The Best Australian Essays 2010. Wow ... that's fantastic! Congratulations.

  6. Thanks Barbara! I'm rather stunned. Donna rang me today with the news and she copped all the expletives of joy and surprise that I had in my (extensive) vocab! Apparently Robert Drewe selected them and they will be published by Black Inc. - one of my favourites.

  7. I shall keep an eye out for the anthology, Sarah. Congratulations once again. So well deserved!