Friday, October 1, 2010

In Good Company

Contributors in The Best Australian Essays 2010

The writers selected for inclusion in The Best Australian Essays 2010 are:
Sunil Badami
Murray Bail
Carmel Bird
David Brooks
Peter Conrad
Mark Dapin
Sarah Drummond
Elizabeth Farrelly
Tim Flannery
Shelley Gare
Lorna Hallahan
Janet Hawley
Ian Henderson
Amanda Hooton
Clive James
Christine Kenneally
Jo Lennan
Melissa Lucashenko
Shane Maloney
David Malouf
Anne Manne
Robert Manne
Kathy Marks
David Marr
Paul McGeough
Alex Miller
Les Murray
Pauline Nguyen
Maureen O’Shaughnessy
Nicolas Rothwell
Guy Rundle
Andrew Sant
Gerard Windsor

It may have been a bad week for one silly Toa who thought she could successfully mix red wine and a postman's bicycle - but there's been at least one win - and look at the company I'm keeping!

Edited by Robert Drewe.
Out in November.
Published by Black Inc.
More about the bicycle incident later.


  1. By gees Sarah, well done!!! Yep, you're in the big league now, or rather, they are in the big league with you :) But, then Sarah, I am not surprised!! You have been hiding your light under a bushel for some time now...

  2. Hey, I missed that story about the red wine and the postman's bike!! Wha...what happened? And I want to read that essay... out in November, it's so far away!!! :(

  3. Hope you're ok, Sarah. Clive James is now (and has been for about 40 years) the Englishman's Australian. God, he's a pain in the arse.

  4. Yes, we just call him an Englishman.

  5. And thanks Tim and Tom. Yes, I'm okay, a few cuts and bruises and damaged ego. Nothing permanent!

  6. Yes, well done and well deserved ST. Just watch out for that self-sabotaging stubborn insistence that you CAN ride a push-bike drunk :D Nice theory, but I reckon after the scraps you have had it might be time to look for an alternative. Taxi anyone?

  7. Congratulations ST - that's fantastic!

  8. I meant the literary recognition....not the wine/bicycle combo...but then again that probably was pretty fantastic to watch :)

  9. Yay, shall rush out and purchase a copy when it hits the bookshelves! Congratulations again, Sarah. That's fantastic.

  10. Yay, you rock!!! :-))
    Congrats, Sarah and, oh, I trust you recovered from that strange moment of alchemy (bike + wine...)

  11. Thanks everyone. Yes recovering from the strange alchemy. Trying to fend off the scar. It's an amzing time for me - the rocket is firing. Feels important that I do something about that and aim it properly!

  12. Hi Sarah, that is some achievement. Congratulations. I'll order a copy as soon as its available. Well done.

  13. fine company indeed! who on earth would let someone ride off after drinking so much red?

  14. you absolute star!