Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moments from Chaos ...

A quiet place this, just down the hill to the muddy beach where pelicans lurk and king skinks emerge from their winter dreams. 
Sun-drenched against the granite. 
Moss drying, a good book, a bottle of chilled sweet white, lichen.


  1. Mmm, nice...ditto that! And hey, do pelicans lurk or snap? I guess only the fisher-she would know. Actually, I bet they think you fisherfolk are waiters and they the diners waiting to be served. But that place, moments from chaos, why leave? Sounds like a good place to stay a while, and join the pelicans, and learn to lurk...

  2. It's a precious little spot and so quiet. No one else seems to go there. Pelicans don't lurk or snap really. They just look down their noses at us.