Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do you use a pen or a computer?

I tend to use coffee.

When I got home from the fishing camp today there was a lovely little cardboard box from America in my pile of mail. Inside the box was a cup, wrapped in the sports section of the May 22nd edition of the San Francisco Examiner (which is just about as seriously fucking cool as the cup ... well to me, anyway).


  1. I'll write using whatever you write with - I'm sycophantic that way. In any other circumstances, I cannot do it properly on alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep, so maybe you're right - coffee.

  2. Looks really nice next to my computer slash pen.

  3. Coolest mug EVER! How cool to get that in the mail!!!!!!

  4. I love american mugs... you know the ones with curved lips like the top of an art deco bath?
    makes drinking proper coffee a pure and simple joy!